Today: Sunday - 24 September 2023
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Today Holidays
Guinea-Bissau: National Day
South-Africa: Heritage Day
Cambodia: Constitution Day
New-Caledonia: French Treaty Day


1180 - Manuel I Komnenos, last Emperor of the Komnenian restoration dies. The Byzantine Empire slips into terminal decline.
1664 - The Netherlands surrenders New Amsterdam to England.
1789 - The office of the Attorney General of the United States of America, and the United States Post Office Department, are established.
1841 - The Sultan of Brunei cedes Sarawak to Britain.
1852 - The first airship powered by (a steam) engine, created by Henri Giffard, travels 17 miles (27;km) from Paris to Trappes.
1869 - "Black Friday": Gold prices plummet after Ulysses S. Grant orders the Treasury to sell large quantities of gold after Jay Gould and James Fisk plot to control the market.
1877 - Battle of Shiroyama, decisive victory of the Imperial Japanese Army over the Satsuma Rebellion
1890 - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints officially renounces polygamy.
1903 - Edmund Barton steps down as Prime Minister of Australia and is succeeded by Alfred Deakin.
1906 - U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt proclaims Devils Tower in Wyoming as the nation's first National Monument.
1928 - Major riot during a whalf strike in Port Adelaide involving up 4,000 waterside workers
1935 - Earl Bascom and Weldon Bascom produce the first rodeo ever held outdoors under electric lights at Columbia, Mississippi
1946 - Cathay Pacific Airways is founded in Hong Kong
1947 - Majestic 12 is allegedly established by secret executive order of President Harry Truman
1948 - The Honda Motor Company is founded.
1950 - Forest fires black out the sun over portions of Canada and New England. A Blue moon (in the astronomical sense) is seen as far away as Europe.
1957 - Camp Nou, the largest stadium in Europe, is opened in Barcelona.
1957 - President Dwight D. Eisenhower sends 101st Airborne Division troops to Little Rock, Arkansas, to enforce desegregation.
1962 - United States court of appeals orders the University of Mississippi to admit James Meredith.
1968 - 60 Minutes debuts on CBS
1973 - Guinea-Bissau declares its independence from Portugal.
1990 - Periodic Great White Spot observed on Saturn
1994 - National League for Democracy is formed by Aung San Suu Kyi and various others to help fight against dictatorship in Myanmar.
1996 - U.S. President Bill Clinton signs the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty at the United Nations.
2005 - Hurricane Rita makes landfall in the United States, devastating Beaumont, Texas and portions of southwestern Louisiana.



28 MarchBritish Evacuation Day (ذكرى إجلاء القواعد البريطانية.)
20 AprilEnd of Ramadan (عيد الفطر ‘Īdu l-Fiṭr‎)
21 AprilEnd of Ramadan (عيد الفطر ‘Īdu l-Fiṭr‎)
22 AprilEnd of Ramadan (عيد الفطر ‘Īdu l-Fiṭr)
11 JuneEvacuation Day (ذكرى إجلاء القواعد الأمريكية (قاعدة ويلوس الجوية في طرابلس، حاليا مطار)
26 JuneSacrifice Feast (عيد الأضحى ‘Īd ul-’Aḍḥā)
18 JulyIslamic New Year (رأس السنة الهجرية El am Hejir)
27 JulyDay of Ashura (عاشوراء Āshūrā)
1 SeptemberRevolution Day (عيد ثورة الفاتح من سبتمبر.)
12 OctoberBirth of the Prophet (مَوْلِدُ آلنَبِيِّ‎ mawlidu n-nabiyyi)
24 DecemberIndependence Day (روز استقلال)
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Libya - FlagLibya - Coat of arms
Libya - Location
Capital: Tripoli
Official languages: Arabic
Government: Republic
Currency: Libyan Dinar (LYD)
Population: 6 310 434
Area: 1 759 540 km²
Religion: Islam (97%)
Time Zone: UTC +2
Auto Code: LAR
Internet TLD: .ly
Calling code: +218
Corporate Income Tax: 15%
Personal Income Tax: 20%
Value Added Tax: 10%
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