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1142 - Execution, believed wrongful, of noted Song Dynasty General Yue Fei.
1186 - Henry VI, the son and heir of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I, marries Constance of Sicily.
1343 - Pope Clement VI issues the Bull Unigenitus.
1593 - Vatican opens seven year trial of scholar Giordano Bruno.
1606 - Gunpowder Plot: The trial of Guy Fawkes and other conspirators begins, ending with their execution on January 31.
1695 - Mustafa II becomes the Ottoman sultan in Istanbul on the death of Ahmed II. Mustafa rules until his abdication in 1703.
1785 - The University of Georgia is founded, the first public university in the United States.
1825 - The U.S. Congress approves Indian Territory (in what is present-day Oklahoma), clearing the way for forced relocation of the Eastern Indians on the "Trail of Tears".
1870 - The first women's fraternity, Kappa Alpha Theta, is formed at DePauw University.
1888 - The National Geographic Society is founded in Washington, D.C..
1909 - The Young Left is founded in Norway.
1918 - The first hostilities occur in the Finnish Civil War.
1939 - First flight of the Lockheed P-38 Lightning.
1944 - World War II: The 900-day Siege of Leningrad is lifted.
1945 - World War II: The Red Army liberates the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland.
1951 - Nuclear testing at the Nevada Test Site begins with a one-kiloton bomb dropped on Frenchman Flat.
1967 - Apollo program: Apollo 1 – Astronauts Gus Grissom, Edward White and Roger Chaffee are killed in a fire during a test of the spacecraft at the Kennedy Space Center.
1967 - More than sixty nations sign the Outer Space Treaty banning nuclear weapons in space.
1967 - The Doors self titled debut album is released.
1973 - Paris Peace Accords officially end the Vietnam War. Colonel William Nolde is killed in action becoming the conflict's last recorded American combat casualty.
1974 - The Brisbane River floods causing the largest flood to affect Brisbane City in the 20th Century
1983 - Pilot shaft of the Seikan Tunnel, the world's longest sub-aqueous tunnel (53.85;km) between the Japanese islands of Honshū and Hokkaidō, breaks through.
1996 - Colonel Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara deposes the first democratically elected president of Niger, Mahamane Ousmane, in a military coup.
1996 - Germany first observes International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
2006 - Western Union discontinues its Telegram and Commercial Messaging services.



1 JanuaryNew Year's Day (Tết dương lịch)
8 MarchInternational Women's Day (Quốc tế Phụ nữ)
30 AprilLiberation Day (Ngày giải phóng)
1 MayLabour Day (Ngày Quốc tế Lao động)
2 SeptemberNational Day
25 DecemberChristmas (Giáng sinh/Nôen)
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Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Cộng Hòa Xã Hội Chủ Nghĩa Việt Nam
Socialist Republic of Vietnam - FlagSocialist Republic of Vietnam - Coat of arms
Socialist Republic of Vietnam - Location
Capital: Hanoi
Official languages: Vietnamese
Government: Socialist republic
Currency: ()
Population: 86 117 000
Area: 331 688 km²
Religion: Buddhism (68%), Animism (12%), Catholicism (9%), Taoism (7%)
Time Zone: UTC +7
Auto Code: VN
Internet TLD: .vn
Calling code: +84
Corporate Income Tax: 25,00%
Personal Income Tax: 0-40%
Value Added Tax: 10,00%
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