Today: Sunday - 14 July 2024
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Iraq: Republic Day
Israel: Tisha B'Av
France: Bastille Day
Wallis-and-Futuna: Bastille Day
New-Caledonia: Bastille Day
French-Polynesia: Bastille Day


1223 - Louis VIII becomes King of France upon the death of his father, Philip II of France.
1698 - The Darien scheme begins with five ships, bearing about 1,200 people, departing Leith for the Isthmus of Panama.
1769 - The de Portolá Expedition establishes a base in California, and sets out to find the Port of Monterey (now Monterey, California).
1771 - Foundation of the Mission San Antonio de Padua in modern California by the Franciscan friar Junípero Serra.
1789 - French Revolution: Citizens of Paris storm the Bastille and free seven prisoners.
1790 - French Revolution: Citizens of Paris celebrate the constitutional monarchy and national reconciliation in the Fête de la Fédération.
1791 - The Priestley Riots drive Joseph Priestley, a supporter of the French Revolution, out of Birmingham, England.
1798 - The Sedition Act becomes law in the United States making it a federal crime to write, publish, or utter false or malicious statements about the United States government.
1865 - First ascent of the Matterhorn by Edward Whymper and party, four of whom die on the descent.
1881 - Billy the Kid is shot and killed by Pat Garrett outside Fort Sumner.
1900 - Armies of the Eight-Nation Alliance capture Tientsin during the Boxer Rebellion.
1902 - The Campanile in St Mark's Square, Venice collapses, also demolishing the loggetta.
1933 - Gleichschaltung: In Germany, all political parties are outlawed except the Nazi Party.
1943 - In Joplin, Missouri, the George Washington Carver National Monument becomes the first United States National Monument in honor of a African American.
1948 - Palmiro Togliatti, leader of the Italian Communist Party, is shot near the Italian Parliament.
1958 - Iraqi Revolution: in Iraq the monarchy is overthrown by popular forces lead by Abdul Karim Kassem, who becomes the nation's new leader.
1965 - The Mariner 4 flyby of Mars takes the first close-up photos of another planet.
1969 - Football War: after Honduras loses a soocer match against El Salvador, rioting breaks out in Honduras against Salvadoran migrant workers.
1969 - The United States $500, $1,000, $5,000 and $10,000 bills are officially withdrawn from circulation.
1992 - 386BSD is released by Lynne Jolitz and William Jolitz beginning the Open Source Operating System Revolution. Linus Torvalds release his Linux soon afterwards.
2000 - A powerful solar flare, later named the Bastille Day event, causes a geomagnetic storm on Earth.
2002 - French President Jacques Chirac escapes an assassination attempt unscathed during Bastille Day celebrations.
2003 - The United States Government admits to the existence of "Area 51".
2007 - Russia withdraws from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe.



1 JanuaryNew Year's Day (Жаңы жыл)
7 JanuaryOrthodox Christmas
8 MarchInternational Women's Day
22 MarchNowruz (Nooruz)
1 MayLabour Day
5 MayConstitution Day
9 MayVictory Day
31 AugustIndependence Day (Эгемендүүлүк күнү)
7 NovemberDay of the Great October Socialist Revolution
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Kyrgyz Republic
Кыргыз Республикасы, Кыргызская Республика
Kyrgyz Republic - FlagKyrgyz Republic - Coat of arms
Kyrgyz Republic - Location
Capital: Bishkek
Official languages: Kirghiz (national), Russian
Government: Republic
Currency: Som (KGS)
Population: 5 357 000
Area: 198 500 km²
Religion: Islam (75%), Orthodox Church (20%), other (5%)
Time Zone: UTC +6
Auto Code: KS
Internet TLD: Kg
Calling code: +996
Corporate Income Tax: 10%
Personal Income Tax: 10%
Value Added Tax: 0/20%
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