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1398 - Sultan Nasir-u Din Mehmud's armies in Delhi are defeated by Timur.
1531 - Pope Clement VII establishes a parallel body to the Inquisition in Lisbon, Portugal.
1538 - Pope Paul III excommunicates Henry VIII of England.
1577 - Francis Drake sets sail from Plymouth, England, on a secret mission to explore the Pacific Coast of the Americas for English Queen Elizabeth I.
1586 - Emperor Go-Yozei becomes Emperor of Japan.
1600 - Marriage of Henry IV of France and Marie de' Medici.
1637 - Shimabara Rebellion: Japanese peasants led by Amakusa Shiro rise against daimyo Matsukura Shigeharu.
1718 - Great Britain declares war on Spain.
1807 - France issues the Milan Decree, which confirms the Continental System.
1812 - War of 1812: U.S. forces attack a friendly Lenape village in the Battle of the Mississinewa.
1819 - Simón Bolívar declares the independence of the Republic of Gran Colombia in Angostura (now Ciudad Bolívar in Venezuela).
1834 - Opening of the Dublin and Kingstown Railway, the first public railway on the island of Ireland.
1837 - Fire in the Winter Palace of Saint Petersburg occurred.
1862 - American Civil War: General Ulysses S. Grant issues General Order No. 11, expelling Jews from Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky.
1865 - First performance of the Unfinished Symphony by Franz Schubert.
1903 - The Wright Brothers make their first powered and heavier-than-air flight in the Wright Flyer at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
1918 - Culmination of the Darwin Rebellion as some 1000 demonstrators march on Government House in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
1919 - Uruguay becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
1926 - Antanas Smetona assumes power in Lithuania as the 1926 coup d'état is successful.
1935 - First flight of the Douglas DC-3 airplane.
1939 - World War II: Battle of the River Plate – The Admiral Graf Spee is scuttled by Captain Hans Langsdorff outside Montevideo.
1941 - World War II: Japanese forces land in Northern Borneo.
1944 - World War II: Battle of the Bulge – Malmedy massacre – American 285th Field Artillery Observation Battalion POWs are shot by Waffen-SS Kampfgruppe Peiper.
1957 - The United States successfully launches the first Atlas intercontinental ballistic missile at Cape Canaveral, Florida.
1961 - History of Goa: Operation Vijay – India seizes Goa from Portugal.
1967 - Prime Minister of Australia Harold Holt disappears while swimming near Portsea, Victoria and was presumed drowned.
1969 - The SALT I talks begin.
1969 - Project Blue Book: The United States Air Force closes its study of UFOs, stating that sightings were generated as a result of "A mild form of mass hysteria, Individuals who fabricate such reports to perpetrate a hoax or seek publicity, psychopathological persons, and misidentification of various conventional objects."
1970 - Polish 1970 protests: In Gdynia soldiers fire at workers emerging from trains, killing dozens.
1973 - Terrorism: 30 passengers are killed in an attack by Palestinian terrorists on Rome's Leonardo da Vinci Airport.
1978 - The Workers Party of Jamaica is founded by Trevor Munroe.
1981 - Brigadier General James L. Dozier is abducted by the Red Brigade in Verona, Italy.
1981 - The Senegambia Confederation is founded.
1983 - The IRA bombs Harrods Department Store in London, killing six people.
1989 - Romanian Revolution: Protests continue in Timişoara with rioters breaking into the Romanian Communist Party's District Committee building and attempting to set it on fire.
1999 - The United Nations General Assembly passes resolution 54/134 designating November 25 as the annual International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women.
2002 - Second Congo War: The Congolese parties of the Inter Congolese Dialogue sign a peace accord which makes provision for transitional governance and legislative and presidential elections within two years.
2003 - The Soham murder trial ends at the Old Bailey in London, with Ian Huntley found guilty of two counts of murder. His girlfriend Maxine Carr is found guilty of perverting the course of justice.
2003 - SpaceShipOne flight 11P, piloted by Brian Binnie, makes its first supersonic flight.
2005 - Anti-WTO protesters riot in Wan Chai, Hong Kong



1 JanuaryNew Year's Day (Protochronia, Πρωτοχρονιά)
6 JanuaryTheophany (Trion Ierarchon, Τριών Ιεραρχών)
27 FebruaryShrove Monday (Kathari Deftera, Καθαρή Δευτέρα)
25 MarchIndependence Day (Ευαγγελισμός της Θεοτόκου, Ημέρα της Ελληνικής Ανεξαρτησίας)
1 MayLabour Day (Ergatiki Protomagia, Εργατική Πρωτομαγιά)
15 AugustAssumption of Mary (I Kimisis tis Theotokou, Η Κοίμησις της Θεοτόκου)
28 OctoberThe "Ohi day" (To Ochi', 'Imera tou Ochi', Το Όχι )
25 DecemberChristmas (Christougenna, Χριστούγεννα)
26 DecemberBoxing Day (Synaxis Theotokou, Σύναξις Θεοτόκου)
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Hellenic Republic
Ελληνική Δημοκρατία, Ellinikí Dhimokratía
Hellenic Republic - FlagHellenic Republic - Coat of arms
Hellenic Republic - Location
Capital: Athens
Official languages: Greek
Government: Parliamentary republic
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Population: 11 216 708
Area: 131 940 km²
Religion: Orthodox Church
Time Zone:
UTC +2 winter
UTC +3 summer
Auto Code: GR
Internet TLD: .gr
Calling code: +30
Corporate Income Tax: 22/25%
Personal Income Tax: 0-45%
Value Added Tax: 11/23%
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