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Ethiopia: Birth of the Prophet
Mauritania: Birth of the Prophet
Egypt: Birth of the Prophet
South-Africa: Day of Reconciliation
Senegal: Birth of the Prophet
Sudan: Birth of the Prophet
Somalia: Birth of the Prophet
Djibouti: Birth of the Prophet
Eritrea: Birth of the Prophet
Comoros: Birth of the Prophet
Nigeria: Birth of the Prophet
Tunisia: Birth of the Prophet
Libya: Birth of the Prophet
Algeria: Birth of the Prophet
Sierra-Leone: Birth of the Prophet
Côte-d'Ivoire: Birth of the Prophet
Guinea: Birth of the Prophet
Mali: Birth of the Prophet
Morocco: Birth of the Prophet
Niger: Birth of the Prophet
The-Gambia: Birth of the Prophet
Kazakhstan: Independence Day
Bahrain: National Day
Indonesia: Birth of the Prophet
Iraq: Birth of the Prophet
Brunei: Birth of the Prophet
Yemen: Birth of the Prophet
Jordan: Birth of the Prophet
Lebanon: Birth of the Prophet
Malaysia: Birth of the Prophet
Oman: Birth of the Prophet
Afghanistan: Birth of the Prophet
Kuwait: Birth of the Prophet
Syria: Birth of the Prophet
Maldives: Birth of the Prophet
Bangladesh: Victory Day
Cocos-Keeling-Islands: Birth of the Prophet
Fiji: Birth of the Prophet
Guyana: Birth of the Prophet


1392 - Nanboku-chō – Emperor Go-Kameyama abdicates in favor of rival claimant Go-Komatsu.
1431 - Henry VI of England is crowned King of France at Notre Dame in Paris.
1497 - Vasco da Gama rounds the Cape of Good Hope, the point where Bartolomeu Dias had previously turned back to Portugal.
1575 - The 1575 Valdivia earthquake takes place.
1598 - Seven Year War: Battle of Noryang Point – The final battle of the Seven Year War is fought between the Korean and Japanese navies, resulting in a decisive Korean victory.
1653 - English Interregnum: The Protectorate – Oliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland.
1689 - Convention Parliament: The Declaration of Right is embodied in the Bill of Rights.
1707 - Last recorded eruption of Mount Fuji in Japan.
1761 - Seven Years' War: After four-month siege, the Russians under Pyotr Rumyantsev take the Prussian fortress of Kolobrzeg.
1773 - American Revolution: Boston Tea Party – Members of the Sons of Liberty disguised as Mohawks dump crates of tea into Boston harbor as a protest against the Tea Act.
1811 - The first two in a series of severe earthquakes occur in the vicinity of New Madrid, Missouri. These three so-called Mega-quakes are believed to be an ongoing cataclysmic danger that could reprise the 1811-12 series of 2,000 quakes that affected the lands of what would be eight of today's heartland states of the United States.
1826 - Benjamin W. Edwards rides into Mexican controlled Nacogdoches, Texas and declares himself ruler of the Republic of Fredonia.
1838 - Battle of Blood River: Voortrekkers led by Andries Pretorius combat Zulu impis, led by Dambuza (Nzobo) and Ndlela kaSompisi in what is today KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
1850 - History of New Zealand: The Charlotte-Jane and the Randolph bring the first of the Canterbury Pilgrims to Lyttelton, New Zealand.
1863 - American Civil War: Joseph E. Johnston replaces Braxton Bragg as commander of the Army of Tennessee.
1864 - American Civil War: Franklin-Nashville Campaign – Battle of Nashville – Major General George H. Thomas's Union forces defeat Lieutenant General John Bell Hood's Confederate Army of Tennessee.
1893 - Antonín Dvořák's Symphony No. 9 in E minor, Op. 95, "From The New World" is given its world première at Carnegie Hall.
1907 - The Great White Fleet begins its circumnavigation of the world
1914 - World War I: German battleships under Franz von Hipper bombard the English ports of Hartlepool and Scarborough.
1920 - The Haiyuan earthquake, magnitude 8.5, rocks the Gansu province in China, killing an estimated 200,000.
1922 - President of Poland Gabriel Narutowicz is assassinated by Eligiusz Niewiadomski at the Zachęta Gallery in Warsaw.
1925 - Alpha Phi Omega national service fraternity is founded at Lafayette College.
1937 - Theodore Cole and Ralph Roe attempt to escape from the American federal prison on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay; neither is ever seen again.
1938 - Adolf Hitler institutes the Cross of Honor of the German Mother
1941 - World War II: Japanese occupy Miri, Sarawak
1942 - Holocaust: Porajmos – Heinrich Himmler orders that Roma candidates for extermination be deported to Auschwitz.
1944 - World War II: The Battle of the Bulge begins with the surprise offensive of three German armies through the Ardennes forest.
1946 - Léon Blum becomes Prime Minister of France.
1947 - William Shockley, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain build the first practical point-contact transistor.
1949 - Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget, later knows as SAAB, is founded in Sweden.
1950 - President Harry S. Truman declares a state of emergency, after Chinese troops enter the fight with communist North Korea in the Korean War.
1957 - Sir Feroz Khan Noon replaces Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar as Prime Minister of Pakistan.
1960 - 1960 New York air disaster: While approaching New York's Idlewild Airport, a United Airlines Douglas DC-8 collides with a TWA Lockheed Super Constellation in a blinding snowstorm over Staten Island, killing 134.
1965 - Vietnam War: General William Westmoreland sends U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara a request for 243,000 more men by the end of 1966.
1971 - Bangladesh War of Independence and Indo-Pakistani War of 1971: The surrender of the Pakistan army brings an end to both conflicts.
1971 - Independence Day of the State of Bahrain from British Protectorate Status
1972 - Vietnam War: Henry Kissinger announces that North Vietnam has left private peace negotiations, in Paris.
1978 - Cleveland, Ohio becomes the first post-Depression era city to default on its loans, owing $14,000,000 to local banks.
1979 - Libya joins four other OPEC nations in raising crude oil prices, having an immediate dramatic effect on the United States.
1982 - The Federal Reserve announces that the operating capacity of factories has gone down to 67.8%.
1985 - Mafia: In New York City, Paul Castellano and Thomas Bilotti are shot dead on the orders of John Gotti, who assumes leadership of the Gambino family.
1986 - Revolt in Kazakhstan against Communist party, known as Zheltoksan, which becomes the first sign of ethnic strife during Gorbachev's tenure
1989 - Protests break out in Timişoara in response to an attempt by the government to evict dissident Hungarian pastor László Tőkés.
1989 - Walter LeRoy Moody begins his terrorist bombing streak when he sends Judge Robert Smith Vance a bomb in the mail, instantly killing him near his house in Birmingham, Alabama.
1991 - United Nations General Assembly: UN General Assembly Resolution 4686 revokes UN General Assembly Resolution 3379 after Israel makes revocation of resolution 3379 a condition of its participation in the Madrid Peace Conference of 1991.
1991 - Independence of The Republic of Kazakhstan.
1998 - Iraq disarmament crisis: Operation Desert Fox – The United States and United Kingdom bomb targets in Iraq.
2007 - Ron Paul raises a record amount of money online in a single day "money bomb": over six million dollars in 24 hours.



18 MarchAnniversary of the Death of President Said Mohamed Cheikh
1 MayLabour Day
25 MayAfrican Liberation Day
29 MayAnniversary of the Death of President Ali Soilih
25 JuneEnd of Ramadan (Eid El Fitr)
26 JuneEnd of Ramadan (Eid El Fitr)
27 JuneEnd of Ramadan (Eid El Fitr)
6 JulyIndependence Day
31 AugustSacrifice Feast (Eid El Adha)
1 SeptemberSacrifice Feast (Eid El Adha)
21 SeptemberIslamic New Year (El am Hejir)
30 SeptemberDay of Ashura (10 dzień Muhharam)
26 NovemberAnniversary of the Death of President Ahmed Abdallah
16 DecemberBirth of the Prophet (Mouloud)
25 DecemberChristmas
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Union of the Comoros
Union des Comores, الإتـحـاد القـمـري, Al-Ittihad al-Kumuri, Udzima wa Komori
Union of the Comoros - FlagUnion of the Comoros - Coat of arms
Union of the Comoros - Location
Capital: Moroni
Official languages: Arabic, Comorian, French
Government: Republic
Currency: Comoro Franc (KMF)
Population: 671 247
Area: 2 170 km²
Religion: Islam
Time Zone: UTC +3
Auto Code: COM
Internet TLD: .km
Calling code: +269
Corporate Income Tax: 50%
Personal Income Tax: 30%
Value Added Tax: 10%
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