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Burundi: Day of Unity
San-Marino: Sant' Agata
Mexico: Constitution Day


1576 - Henry of Navarre converts to Roman Catholicism in order to ensure his right to the throne of France.
1597 - A group of early Japanese Christians are killed by the new government of Japan for being seen as a threat to Japanese society.
1631 - Roger Williams emigrates to Boston.
1649 - The claimant King Charles II of England and Scotland is declared King in his absence. Scotland is the first of the three kingdoms to recognize his claim to the throne.
1778 - South Carolina becomes the first state to ratify the Articles of Confederation.
1782 - Spanish defeat British forces and capture Minorca.
1818 - Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte ascends to the thrones of Sweden and Norway.
1859 - Wallachia and Moldavia are united under Alexander John Cuza as the United Principalities.
1885 - King Léopold II of Belgium establishes the Congo as a personal possession.
1900 - The United States and the United Kingdom sign a treaty for the Panama Canal
1917 - The current constitution of Mexico is adopted, establishing a federal republic with powers separated into independent executive, legislative, and judicial branches.
1917 - The Congress of the United States passes the Immigration Act of 1917 over President Woodrow Wilson's veto. Also known as the Asiatic Barred Zone Act, it forbade immigration from nearly all of south and southeast Asia.
1918 - Stephen W. Thompson shoots down a German airplane. It is the first aerial victory by the U.S. military.
1919 - Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D.W. Griffith launch United Artists.
1924 - The Royal Greenwich Observatory begins broadcasting the hourly time signals known as the Greenwich Time Signal or the "BBC pips".
1945 - World War II: General Douglas MacArthur returns to Manila.
1946 - The Chondoist Chongu Party is founded in North Korea.
1958 - Gamel Abdel Nasser is nominated to be the first president of the United Arab Republic.
1958 - A hydrogen bomb known as the Tybee Bomb is lost by the US Air Force off the coast of Savannah, Georgia, never to be recovered.
1962 - French President Charles De Gaulle calls for Algeria to be granted independence.
1968 - Vietnam War: Battle of Khe Sanh begins.
1972 - Bob Douglas becomes the first African American elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.
1988 - Manuel Noriega is indicted on drug smuggling and money laundering charges.
1994 - Byron De La Beckwith is convicted of the 1963 murder of civil rights leader Medgar Evers.
1994 - During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina more than 60 people are killed and some 200 wounded as a mortar shell slams into a downtown marketplace in Sarajevo.
1997 - The so-called Big Three banks in Switzerland announce the creation of a $71 million fund to aid Holocaust survivors and their families.
2004 - Twenty-three Chinese people drown when a group of 35 cockle-pickers are trapped by rising tides in Morecambe Bay, England. Twenty-one bodies are recovered.
2004 - Rebels from the Revolutionary Artibonite Resistance Front capture the city of Gonaïves, starting the 2004 Haiti rebellion.
2008 - A major tornado outbreak across the Southern United States leaves 57 dead, the most since the May 31, 1985 outbreak that killed 88.
2009 - The United States Navy guided missile cruiser Port Royal runs aground off Oahu, Hawaii, damaging the ship as well as a coral reef.



1 January (Boxing Day)
1 JanuaryNew Year's Day (New Year's Day)
2 JanuaryEnd of Carnival (End of Carnival Fortnight)
7 AprilGood Friday (Good Friday)
10 AprilEaster Monday (Easter Monday)
1 MayLabour Day (Labour Day)
29 MayWhit Monday (Whit Monday)
7 AugustBank holiday (Culturama)
16 SeptemberNational Heroes Day (National Heroes Day)
19 SeptemberIndependence Day (Independence Day)
25 DecemberChristmas (Christmas)
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Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis - FlagFederation of Saint Kitts and Nevis - Coat of arms
Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis - Location
Capital: Basseterre
Official languages: English
Government: Constitutional monarchy
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
Population: 38 819
Area: 261 km²
Religion: Protestantism
Time Zone: UTC -4
Auto Code: KAN
Internet TLD: .kn
Calling code: +1869
Corporate Income Tax: 35%
Personal Income Tax: 0%
Value Added Tax: 17% (11.2010->)
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