Sunday - 25 January 2015
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Public Holidays: Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint-Kitts-i-Nevis - Święta po polsku    Saint-Kitts-and-Nevis - Holidays in english    St.-Kitts-und-Nevis - feiertage auf Deutsch    Saint-Christophe-et-Niévès - jours fériés dans la langue française    San-Cristóbal-y-Nieves - días festivos en español    Сент-Китс-и-Невис - выходные дни и праздники на русском языке    圣基茨和尼维斯 - 週末和節假日,在中文
Sunday - 25 January
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1327 - Edward III becomes King of England.
1494 - Alfonso II becomes King of Naples.
1533 - Henry VIII of England secretly marries his second wife Anne Boleyn.
1554 - Founding of São Paulo city, Brazil.
1573 - Battle of Mikatagahara, in Japan; Takeda Shingen defeats Tokugawa Ieyasu.
1755 - Moscow University established on Tatiana Day.
1787 - American Daniel Shays leads rebellion to seize Federal arsenal to protest debtor's prisons.
1791 - The British Parliament passes the Constitutional Act of 1791 and splits the old province of Quebec into Upper and Lower Canada.
1792 - The London Corresponding Society is founded.
1858 - The Wedding March by Felix Mendelssohn becomes a popular wedding recessional after it is played on this day at the marriage of Queen Victoria's daughter, Victoria, and Friedrich of Prussia.
1879 - The Bulgarian National Bank is founded.
1881 - Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell form the Oriental Telephone Company.
1890 - Nellie Bly completes her round-the-world journey in 72 days.
1909 - Richard Strauss' opera Elektra receives its debut performance at the Dresden State Opera.
1915 - Alexander Graham Bell inaugurates U.S. transcontinental telephone service, speaking from New York to Thomas Watson in San Francisco.
1918 - The Ukrainian people declare independence from Bolshevik Russia.
1919 - The League of Nations is founded.
1924 - The 1924 Winter Olympics open in Chamonix, France (in the French Alps), inaugurating the Winter Olympic Games.
1937 - The Guiding Light debuts on NBC radio from Chicago. In 1952 it moves to CBS television. Still airing, it's the longest running US broadcast program.
1941 - Pope Pius XII elevates the Apostolic Vicariate of the Hawaiian Islands to the dignity of a diocese. It becomes the Roman Catholic Diocese of Honolulu.
1942 - World War II: Thailand declares war on the United States and United Kingdom.
1945 - World War II: Battle of the Bulge ends.
1946 - The United Mine Workers rejoins the American Federation of Labor.
1949 - At the Hollywood Athletic Club the first Emmy Awards are presented.
1955 - Soviet Union ends state of war with Germany.
1959 - Pope John XXIII proclaims upcoming Second Vatican Council.
1960 - The National Association of Broadcasters reacts to the Payola scandal by threatening fines for any disc jockeys who accepted money for playing particular records.
1961 - In Washington, D.C. John F. Kennedy delivers the first live presidential television news conference.
1971 - Charles Manson and three female "Family" members are found guilty of the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders.
1971 - Idi Amin leads a coup deposing Milton Obote and becomes Uganda's president.
1971 - Himachal Pradesh becomes the 18th Indian state.
1981 - Jiang Qing, the widow of Mao Zedong, is sentenced to death.
1986 - The National Resistance Movement topple the government of Tito Okello in Uganda.
1990 - The Burns' Day storm hits northwestern Europe.
1990 - Honduras becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
1990 - Avianca Flight 52 crashes, killing 73 passengers.
1993 - Five people are shot outside CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia resulting in two murders.
1994 - The Clementine space probe launches.
1995 - The Norwegian Rocket Incident: Russia almost launches a nuclear attack after it mistakes Black Brant XII, a Norwegian research rocket, for a US Trident missile.
1996 - Billy Bailey became the last person to be hanged in the United States of America.
1998 - During a historic visit to Cuba Pope John Paul II demands the release of political prisoners and political reforms while condemning US attempts to isolate the country.
1998 - Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suicide attack on Sri Lanka's Temple of the Tooth, killing 8 people injuring 25 others.
1999 - A 6.0 Richter scale earthquake hits western Colombia killing at least 1,000.


1 JanuaryNew Year's Day (New Year's Day)
2 JanuaryEnd of Carnival (End of Carnival Fortnight)
3 AprilGood Friday (Good Friday)
6 AprilEaster Monday (Easter Monday)
4 MayLabour Day (Labour Day)
25 MayWhit Monday (Whit Monday)
3 AugustBank holiday (Culturama)
16 SeptemberNational Heroes Day (National Heroes Day)
19 SeptemberIndependence Day (Independence Day)
25 DecemberChristmas (Christmas)
28 December (Boxing Day)

Innowacyjna GospodarkaEuropejski Fundusz Rozwoju Regionalnego
Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis - FlagFederation of Saint Kitts and Nevis - Coat of arms
Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis - Location
Capital: Basseterre
Official languages: English
Government: Constitutional monarchy
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (XCD)
Population: 38 819
Area: 261 km²
Religion: Protestantism
Time Zone: UTC -4
Auto Code: KAN
Internet TLD: .kn
Calling code: +1869
Corporate Income Tax: 35%
Personal Income Tax: 0%
Value Added Tax: 17% (11.2010->)